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The old black and white photo believed to be circa 1950's showing the circus grounds when Beneva Road was a path.

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Rules &Regulations

Architectural Standards & Landscape Standards


The "Glen Oaks Manor Architectural Standards" and the "Glen Oaks Manor Landscape Standards", both of which contain rules applying to individual owner responsibilities, were approved in their entirety by the members on February 6, 2021.


General rules and regulations include the following:

In order to allow easy access for emergency vehicles, no overnight street parking is allowed. Guest parking overnight in driveways is permitted. In order to protect our lawns and sprinkler system, and to preserve the visual aesthetics of our community, vehicles must not be parked on the grass. [Art VIl Sec 3(c)]


Parking more than two vehicles overnight in a driveway is prohibited. Parking of any vehicle over two must be in the garage or at an alternate location off the property.


Rugs, clothing or other household articles may not be hung or dried on any external part of the home or any part of the owner's lot exposed to the view of passersby or the Common Area. [Art VIII, Sec 51


Garage doors must remain closed at all times except during entry and departure or while work is in progress in and around the garage. [Art VIII, Sec 8]


Except on collection day, the garbage/recycling containers must be kept in the garage or behind the utility fence out of view of the street. [Art VIll, Sec 6] Trash, recycling, and yard waste &bulky

item pick-up is on Thursday. Your green containers should be placed at the end of the driveway, three feet (3’) apart, with the opening facing the street. Rolling containers should be placed on the driveway not the grass. Please bag your trash to prevent flying debris. Containers should not be put out before sundown of the previous day and should be taken in by sundown of the pickup day. Put yard waste in appropriate containers at the end of your driveway. For more information, please contact the City of Sarasota, Public Works (941) 365-7651.


Homeowners must not make use of their homes or the Common Area in a way that would disturb their neighbors. [Art VIII, S e c 12]


Homeowners are responsible for informing tenants, guests and other residents of the rules and restrictions imposed by the governing documents. [Art VIlI, Secs 10 & 11] [Art X, Sec 1]


The Common Area includes all areas in the Manor outside the individual villas with the exception of the outside courtyard, Area C, behind the split rail fence or replacement hedge. The lake and gazebos are reserved for the exclusive enjoyment of homeowners and their guests. Art Ill, Sec 2] For the safety of our residents, bicycles are not permitted on sidewalks.


Garage and yard sales are not permitted in Glen Oaks Manor with the exception of an annual GOMHA Garage Sale when approved by the Board of Directors. Moving and Estate sales wil be permitted at the termination of residency at Glen Oaks Manor. Under no circumstances may there be more than one of these sales annually per villa. These sales must comply with the rules below:


  1. Estate sales can be held only in the case of death of a unit owner or permanent resident and should be held for no more than two consecutive days.

  2. Moving sales should only be held in the case of an actual impending sale/move and should be held for no more than two consecutive days.

  3. Estate and Moving sales are permitted within the home, garage, and driveway, but not on common property.

  4. Signs directing traffic to the location of the sale may be posted on common property on the days of the sale and must be removed at the end of each day and at the end of the sale.

  5. A $25 non-refundable fee payable to the Association and a completed form requesting permission to hold the sale must be on file with the management company prior to the start of the sale. The form is available on the Association website or from the management company.


Pets must be kept on a leash when outside the home and are not allowed on lawns other than their own. As a matter of courtesy, health, and cleanliness, please carry bags when you walk your pet and clean up after them on Manor property. [Art VIlI, Sec 2(a)] The law requires that you "dispose of this properly". This makes the community cleaner and more enjoyable for everyone. For your convenience, there are several disposal stations with bags located throughout the Manor.


The speed limit throughout Glen Oaks Manor is 20 miles per hour. Speed bumps are in place for the protection of our residents to control speeding in the Manor. Please be aware that attempting to avoid them by driving on the grass causes damage to the lawn and sprinkler system. Since this is part of the Common Area, we all have to pay to repair this damage from the Homeowners Assessment funds and suffer the costs, just like any other acts of vandalism. Drivers must STOP at stop signs. [Art VIlI, Sec 3(c)1


Storm drains in our streets empty into our lake. Please do not pour chemicals or waste in storm drains. [Art III, Sec 3]


March 4, 2023  _______________________________________________

A message from Casey Condominium Management

All Glen Oaks Residents:


To properly maintain Glen Oaks Manor’s landscaping, the HOA regulations require consistent plantings and shrub heights on Common Ground.  Common Ground is defined as any area outside of the homeowners’ Exterior Courtyard C, as shown in the Architectural Standards area on the website.  


During the March 4 TruScapes pruning, some residents put ribbons on the shrubs that had replaced the rustic fence in front of their villas, to keep the shrubs from getting trimmed.  Please note that the fence-line shrubs are on Common Ground, and HOA regulations require that the maximum height of these shrubs are to be 40 inches.  TruScapes will trim the Common Ground fence-line shrubs to a maximum height of 40 inches.  


If you are planning to replace the rustic fence with shrubs or planning to replace the current fence-line shrubs with new ones, HOA regulations require the homeowners to submit an “Application for Planting Landscape on Common Ground” to Casey Management.  The application can be found on the website.  A list of Board-approved plants and allowable planting locations are included on the website.  The application must be approved by the HOA Board before the Common Ground fence-line can be modified. 


Please email the application to Bridget Spence ( and Megan McCleod ( at Casey Management.   Applications must be received by Casey Management by the 10th of the month for the Landscape Committee’s monthly review.  The HOA Board will approve or reject committee-reviewed applications at their Board meeting on the 4th Saturday of each month.  The applicants will be notified of the Board’s decision by email from Casey Management.  


Also, we have ordered a new irrigation pump for Glen Oaks Manor, but delivery has been delayed by the manufacturer until later in March.  Until a new pump is installed, plants and grass will not receive water from the irrigation system.  If you are able, we would appreciate your help if you can water plants and grass near your villa.  


The HOA regulations help maintain the value of our neighborhood.  The homeowners make Glen Oaks Manor a beautiful and desirable place to live.  

Megan McLeod

Casey Condominium Management

4370 S. Tamiami Trail #102

Sarasota, FL 34231


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